Online Programs

Program #1: How to Find a Job…and Yourself

About this Program: Based on real-life examples and learning, you’ll get an insider’s perspective on how to make the job search a thoughtful, inspiring, stress-free experience. You’ll receive simple action steps each day that inspire you to challenge yourself and set aggressive goals as you align your passions with the need to define your next career move.

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Program #2: Manage Your Time… Don’t Let It Manage You

About this Program: Tom will inspire you to take off your watch. You’ll be challenged to strengthen your commitments and habits relating to time management and organizational skills without being a slave to it. You will find the power of routines and people, while learning how to effectively deal with “fire drills” that will reduce stress, increase success, and ensure that you sleep better at night knowing your life is in control.

Purchase Manage Your Time… for $14.00

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