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With so many supporters dispensing advice, it’s easy to get caught
up, especially when some of it can be contradictory. My advice is
to take it all. Similar to the chapter, “Know That Your Résumé Is Yours,”
when you’re going through the process of finding a job, be willing to
grow while staying true to you. What’s most important to you? What is
non-negotiable? In the swirl of the job search, you may not feel you have
too much say or control over what is negotiable—but you do. As stated
in the excerpt of the speech in the introduction to this book, my oldest
daughter told me that relocating wasn’t an option. I set deadlines for myself
in the job search process. In the first few months, relocation wasn’t an
option. It was non-negotiable. I had in my mind that if there were no real
leads, then I would make adjustments to this goal. Time changes goals,
so keep them fluid, but it’s important to balance what’s right for you and
whoever else is impacted. I suggest staying firm to what you want and
who you really want to be. You don’t have to settle or compromise unless
new facts come that may change your direction. Go back to the chapter,
“Answer the Critical Questions” and determine your specifics relating to
location, satisfaction, and compensation, to ensure you are true to yourself.




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