Interview Questions on The Unemployment Crisis

Unemployment:  Current affairs relating to jobs, joblessness, economic recovery specific to jobs, and more importantly how people are feeling about losing jobs/seeking jobs questions:

  1. As an executive at one of the largest worldwide institutions, tell us what was going through your head immediately after you got the call about budget cuts and losing your job?
  2. Now that you’ve been through it, what would you do differently?
  3. In our discussions, you mentioned you traveled around the Northeast continuing speaking and training while you were seeking full-time employment by meeting with networking groups and career centers to discuss the job search process with other unemployed people.  What were you hearing?
  4. What if you had to list out your lessons learned in your own job search, what are the top three?
  5. Did you feel there was any age discrimination during your job search?
  6. What are job-seekers still lacking in their own preparation for the job hunt?
  7. Are high school and college graduates ready to hit the job market?
  8. What is the first thing you would tell someone who just lost their job?
  9. What do you tell someone who has given up on finding full-time work after a lengthy search?
  10. Tell us how you knew the job you were offered was right for you?