Program Details

Powerful Professional Transformation:  Unleashing Leadership Program

Resurrecting Resilience (keynote address)

It is not a badge of honor to constantly being stressed, stretched, and strained. Resilience is defined by as “the ability to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness, the ability to spring back.” In the professional world, we’re surrounded by stress which may lead to burnout. You know you add value and contribute. In fact, do you care too much? Research has shown that those who care the most burn out the fastest.

Sometimes we need to take a deep breath or scream out loud, or simply find the shoulder of our support system to get through it. Whether we’re looking for a quick fix or a sustained strategy, our success will always be greater when we resurrect our own resilience. When we find ways to more effectively bounce back, we can be more engaged, more energetic, and ultimately happier.

How to Transform Yourself into Who You Really Want to be Professionally (keynote address)

Using key teachings from Tom’s award-winning book, The Transformation of a Doubting Thomas:  Growing from a Cynic to a Professional in the Corporate World, lessons will lead toward the ultimate goal—to transform as an individual in the workplace to have a productive and satisfactory work-life that differentiates you from the masses, without working yourself into the ground.

The themes revolve around:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Belief that change is truly possible
  3. Taking action to make it happen

Let Your Connections Work for You — How to Build a Professional Network

This course teaches the importance and value of building a professional network.  It goes beyond Facebook and LinkedIn.  Although we are taught to control what we can control, the stark fact is that much of our success and satisfaction cannot be done alone.  Let’s concentrate on what can be controlled in our immediate environment.  We need a sphere of influence to get past the potential roadblocks in front of us.  Participants will walk away knowing how to make genuine connections, not name gathering or meeting checklist accomplishments, that will spur future relationships to advance their careers.  Students will learn key concepts of professional networking:

  1. Influence key decision-makers
  2. Drive your own career
  3. Allow the network to do much of the work
  4. Break out of traditional hierarchical business models
  5. Networking is not as hard as you think

Command and Influence — Better Business Communications

This seminar emphasizes that communication is a learned skill.  Concentration will revolve around the following factors:

  1. Why business communication is critical
  2. How business communication is really defined
  3. The impact of improving communication skills
  4. How to use written communication to your advantage
  5. How to communicate effectively with assertiveness, balanced messages, and powerful positive messages
  6. How to communicate up, down, and around- communication influence with bosses, peers, and subordinates

From Fear to Success — Practical Public-Speaking

Using the highlights of Tom’s Gold Medal award-winning book From Fear to Success:  A Practical Public-Speaking Guide, students will learn:

  1. Why we get anxious
  2. How to identify and control symptoms
  3. How to mentally and physically prepare
  4. How to stir emotion and connect with audiences

Do Everything YOU Want To Do — Time Management and Organization

We are all very busy.  I get it.  However, what if you could accomplish more in a forty-hour week then your current fifty, sixty, or seventy-hour work week? What if your success was simply a matter of working smarter, not harder?  Additionally, what if you did it with better quality, found more time to build relationships, and strategically improved the business?  Good time management and organizational skills are a must.  Participants will learn about the following themes:

  1. Manage your time, don’t let it manage you
  2. Time management is required of all levels, in all positions
  3. The benefits of managing professional time effectively spill into your personal space

Make Your Story Come Alive — Résumé Writing Workshop

Many résumé seminars teach a specific style.  The business world has morphed away from many traditional approaches.  Participants will be taught how to effectively use strong words, styles, and formatting that catches recruiters’ attention and truly tells the story of the professional.   Attendees will be able to independently assess their strengths and make these strengths come alive on a résumé.  The themes of this seminar emphasize and concentrate on what will work best for different individuals, while giving clear walk away tips to begin the process immediately.  The key is how to best package each person’s past to maximize the future.

It’s Not Bragging if it’s a Fact — Improve Interviewing Skills

The goal is not to predict what the interviewer may ask.  The goal is to learn to make an interview a two-way dialog that will show anyone that you are the right person for the job or promotion.  Too many interview courses include “the most commonly asked” questions.  There should be nothing common about your interview.  Students will learn how to differentiate themselves through behavior-based-type interviewing and confidently talk about anything—ranging from their greatest accomplishment to what tree they would be, if asked.  Interviewers, for the most part, are not just looking for the perfect answer.  They are looking for your reaction.  Participants will be taught how to minimize surprised reactions and maximize the interaction so the real YOU comes out.  Some of the key themes include:

  1. Teaching confidence, not the perfect answer
  2. Ability to think quickly on your feet
  3. Ability to communicate effectively — how to give clear and concise, yet detailed, answers
  4. Independent thinking
  5. Ability to translate and align past history to prospective job
  6. Differentiating yourself with creative and fresh ideas
  7. Preparation- how to do your homework
  8. Making your professional story come alive

Maximizing Multiple Generations in the Workplace

For the first time, we have four generations working next to each other.  Tapping the maximum potential of the Senior Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y will be critical for everyone’s satisfaction level and success.  Yet, many times we stick steadfast to our own belief systems or manage with an umbrella approach.  As with individuals, no two generations have the same viewpoints, values, or traits.  Seminar participants will learn how to maximize the strongest characteristics of each generation.  By understanding generational trends, there will be an increased respect for all individuals that will allow you to feed off of each other’s talents.  This in turn will help both you and the business thrive.

Keep Your Key Contributors — How to Retain Your Top Employees

The economic recovery is happening, which means some of the top employees in all organizations are looking for opportunities elsewhere.  No longer feeling a magnetic pull to stay in their current jobs, employees may be ready to get out of the “do more with less” direction of many companies.  Managers have a direct correlation to people staying in an organization.  Building relationships is critical to the employee retention equation.  The symptoms that lead up to the exit, when identified early, can be altered to turn a disengaged worker into an emerging star.  Participants will learn to build and strengthen these essential relationships, leading to higher employee retention rates.

Flawless “Virtual” Presentations — Make the Most of Expanding Business Cultures

The information age has driven many people to be able to work anywhere in the country and the world.  There are many advantages of working from alternative locations, but not meeting face-to-face can also have its challenges.  This workshop will teach employees how to make the most out of virtual meetings.  Highlights include:

  1. How to deal with distractions and disruptions
  2. How to prepare for virtual meetings
  3. How to engage the audience
  4. How to prepare a solid presentation
  5. How to ensure communication effectiveness

Impromp-To-Success:  How to Effectively Think Quickly on Your Feet (geared toward Toastmasters)

This presentation is about success.  What was once his Achilles heel, the speaker shares his stories about how learning to quickly and effectively formulate his thoughts that changed his life and career in this keynote address geared toward Toastmasters International members.  In this highly interactive session, the speaker teaches the audience how to:

1.  Refine techniques to think quickly

2.  Organize and articulate innovative and unique thoughts thoroughly

3.  Engage an audience in short time

Riding The Elevator Discussion to Success —How to Deliver an Effective Elevator Speech

We are all given one chance to make a good first impression, grab the big sale, get the promotion of our dreams, or simply nail the presentation.  Do you realize much of this success is contingent on the first few moments, sometimes measured in minutes, other times in mere seconds.  This interactive session delivers specific actions, exercises, and stories that will resonate with all audiences trying to influence others and help show that this elevator moves horizontally.

Are You an Author?  

Would you rather hide behind your book than share it publicly with the world?  

Authoritative Author Program

From Fear to Success:  Presentation Skills for Authors

My wife gave me an article from Martha Stewart Magazine called “Stopped Cold” about how fear freezes people.  According to the poll of readers, 90% say that fear has held them back from accomplishing a goal.   As an author, if you have a fear of public speaking, are you being held back? Can it make the difference between someone wanting to buy you book, or even be willing to pick up your book to flip through it?  Using techniques from Tom Dowd’s #1 selling Amazon eBook From Fear to Success:  A Practical Public-Speaking Guide, authors will learn:

  1. How to use your strengths to relate to your buyers
  2. How to “sell”…even when you don’t like to sell
  3. How to market their material in 30 seconds or less
  4. How to create an elevator speech that’s worth listening to

The Art of an Effective Book Reading

I’ve watched Book TV and attended multiple book sleepings…I mean book readings. People who show up for your book reading are there for a reason.  Audiences want to share in your experiences around the creation of your book, why you wrote it, character development, and noteworthy events along the journey.  However, simply turning the pages and reading verbatim from your book is too literal of a book reading and may not accomplish what the audience came for.  The art of a book reading is to be memorable and differentiating yourself from the typical doldrums.  Effective book readings can energize and excite the audience–not just to buy your book at the event–but to run out of the door sharing your wisdom with others and building your future audience base.