Your Training Answers

The program Powerful Professional Transformation:  Unleashing Leadership is a high energy and interactive training session that can be conducted in-person or via webinar. The focused themes are taught by an award-winning Toastmaster speaker and a member of the National Speakers Association. The individual lessons learned and potent stories effectively relate to any audience while ensuring there are clear take-away messages to put into action. The teaching methods are flexible to meet the needs of the individual or company.

Tom’s top topics in professional development are…

– How to Transform Yourself Into Who You Really Want to be Professionally

– Let Your Network Connections Work for You—How to Build a Professional Network

– Command and Influence—Better Business Communications

– From Fear to Success—Practical Public-Speaking

– Do Everything YOU Want To Do—Time Management and Organization

– Have Your Story Come Alive—Résumé Writing Workshop

– It’s Not Bragging if It’s a Fact—Interviewing Skills Improved

– Maximizing Multiple Generations in the Workplace


Transformation Tom will adapt the program to meet your individual and organizational needs.  


Training Options include:

All Day Group Workshops / Half-Day (four hours)/ Partial Day (One to Three Hours) Group Workshops

– Throughout the sessions, Tom’s inspiration and energetic style will connect to the audience with multiple and relatable topics. The themes will methodically provide the participants with easily grasped actions to integrate into their own habits.

– The shared personal and professional stories and examples create an instant bond that will internalize the learning experience, while creating thought-provoking dialog.

– The motivational approach will encourage action that will make a sustainable difference for the individual and the business as a whole.

– Participants will be able to learn through various interactive techniques that will impact all types of learners, including visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Lunch-Time Learning Sprints

– The impactful eight-hour sessions are nimble enough to be trimmed down to singular one-hour sprints to inspire and engage any individual too busy for a full day session, but strong enough to realize the future potential of unleashing their own leadership.

– Tom’s teaching style is adaptable and works well with small or large groups. The thought-provoking sessions will create a buzz that will be lasting. The real value comes when the persistent improvement is seen and felt with a contagious enthusiasm that will influence others in the organization. The action is taught to be habit-forming.

Individual Training Package (In-person or Webinar)

– Personalized training session with Tom on any of the designated topics of choice in person, via webinar, or over the phone.

– Each session is tailored around the individual’s wants and needs, and can be packaged based on existing strengths and opportunities.  The sessions will be scheduled at the convenience of the individual.

– During the personal sessions, the interactive nature and hands-on approach will drive the learning at an expedited pace.

– The shared personal/professional stories and examples will create an instant bond that will internalize the learning that will encourage action to make a sustainable difference for the individual, and the business as a whole.

– Follow-up sessions can be built into the program based on individual needs to ensure sustained success.

Individual Attention Means Differentiated Performance

Are you satisfied personally and professionally? If the answer is no, do you recognize the root cause?  If the answer is yes, is it sustained?  Powerful Professional Transformation:  Unleashing Leadership will break down the barriers to get to your core motivation to inspire you to break out of your comfort zone to realize that you can take your performance to another level—and keep it there.

What is differentiated performance?

For the employed- Differentiate performance is standing out among your peers, while being the best teammate anyone has ever worked with.  Your invested time will build your confidence to soaring levels to believe that anything is possible.  You will learn to work smarter to make the most of all professional opportunities.  Your break-through performance will get noticed.

For the unemployed- The competition is steep, until you realize that you are your only competition.  You need the confidence to know you can do anything.  You will put into action the concepts and techniques to stand out among the masses.  The economy is growing again.  The opportunities will only be greater by making the right career moves now.