Powerful Professional Transformation:  Unleashing Leadership

– Resurrecting Resilience- How to Turn the Page to More Engagement, Happiness, and Success (keynote address)

– How to Transform Yourself into Who You Really Want to be Professionally (keynote address)

– Let Your Connections Work for You—How to Build a Professional Network

– Command and Influence — Better Business Communications

– From Fear to Success — Practical Public-Speaking

– Do Everything YOU Want To Do — Time Management and Organization

– Make Your Story Come Alive — Résumé Writing Workshop

– It’s Not Bragging if it’s a Fact — Improve Interviewing Skills

– Maximizing Multiple Generations in the Workplace

– Keep Your Key Contributors — How to Retain Your Top Employees

– Flawless “Virtual” Presentations — Make the Most of Expanding Business Cultures

– Impromp-To-Success- How to Effectively Think Quickly on Your Feet (targeted audience: Toastmasters)

– Riding The Elevator Discussion to Success —How to Deliver an Effective Elevator Speech

These topics are effective as a series, a seminar, or separate presentations. Additionally, Tom offers individual coaching sessions.

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, consistently talks about the 20-70-10 system. Tom’s experience in the business world has proven to him that only a small number of leaders rise to the top. As a company, what if you could double the effectiveness power at the top from 20% to 40%? As an individual, what if you could do in 40 hours, more effectively, what it takes others 50, 60, or even 70 hours? Learn how to work smarter, not harder.

Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization or individual.

Why this program?
The global economic conditions have created a steep competitive landscape for employers, employees, unemployed and future employees alike. Employers may need to make cuts and can only keep their best. Employees are competing against each other to shine in the eyes of key decision-makers. The unemployed and future employees need solid résumés and interviews to stand out amongst thousands of others.

This program will prove those willing to invest in their employees, and those individuals willing to invest in themselves, will differentiate from the masses and impressively influence any organization. The program, Powerful Professional Transformation:  Unleashing Leadership, is a journey worth taking. Success and satisfaction levels are dependent upon it.  Transform yourself into who you really want to be professionally.

Who can benefit?
Corporate employers: Invest in strengthening the employee and employer relationship into an engaged and inspired partnership to drive the business together.

Stagnant or disengaged employees: Target the focus to re-energize individuals to become self-aware of their own accountabilities and to take action. The evolution will inspire increased success and satisfaction levels, while expediting the climb up the corporate ladder.

Prospective corporate employees: This includes new/future graduates and individuals looking for a competitive edge. Emphasis is placed upon effectively and quickly adapting in the professional world.

In simple terms, anyone connected to a business will find the interactive program valuable, if not needed!

Are you an Author?  Would you rather hide behind your book than share it publicly with the world?  

Authoritative Author Program

  • From Fear to Success:  Presentation Skills for Authors
  • The Art of an Effective Book Reading