Interview Questions on Writing Your Resume

Résumé Writing questions

  1. What’s the best style?  Is there a right or a wrong format?
  2. Why do people freeze when they’re asked to put together a résumé’?
  3. How effective is the résumé building training in high schools and colleges?  What do you do differently when you teach it?
  4. What are your objections to an objective?
  5. What’s the difference between hard skills and soft skills?  Which one is more important?
  6. What are the bigger mistakes people making with their résumés?  What’s missing?
  7. How can someone differentiate themselves on a piece of paper?
  8. How often do you update your résumé?
  9. When you lost your job after 23 years, you had already been teaching people how to write résumés for many years?  What lessons does someone with your experience run into?
  10. What are the most important things HR professionals are looking for on a résumé?