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“From Fear to Success” Audiobook=Appreciate the Audience’s Diversity and Differences


As previously stated, your whole presentation should be geared towards an audience’s interests and needs. Have you asked yourself and the organizer the right questions to ensure that you respect and value the full makeup of the audience? Diversity can relate to some of the more common topics such as race, gender, ethnicity, and age, as well as socio-economic status, educational levels, differing opinions, and different levels of knowledge on certain subjects. All of these differences have to be accounted for within a presentation. Speakers are often told to stay away from controversial and contentious topics (unless it is a targeted audience and topic), including religion and politics. For the most part, this is sound advice. However, in addition to political and religious views, you need to clearly recognize the differences among your audience members. By doing this, you will instantly add credibility and value to what you are trying to accomplish. For example, simply asking an audience to speed you up if they are familiar with a subject or to slow you down if they need more time to absorb shows your flexibility and inclusivity. When you create an environment where everyone feels welcome, you increase your ability to relate, thus increasing the chances that the audience will appreciate the intended message. As a spectator, even if I don’t agree with the message, I will at least respect it and understand that it is the opinion of the speaker.



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