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Attentive Audience

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“From Fear to Success” Audiobook= Be an Attentive Audience Yourself

When you are an audience member, be a critical observer of the speaker. Watch the speaker’s body movement, gestures, and stage presence, and listen for voice inflections (changes in pitch and tone). What is the speaker doing right that is keeping your attention and engaging you? Even harder, what can be improved if he or she is losing your attention? Is there something distracting about the mannerisms, use of language, or lack of passion? Are you beginning to count the number of distracting filler words, such as “um,” “ah,” “you know,” and “like,” and is the speaker ending every sentence with “really?” and “right?!” Is the message obvious and carried through the presentation? Are there supporting stories? Is it believable? Has the speaker gained your trust and respect, and come across as genuine? You can focus on your own opportunities and target your observations of the speaker. For example, if you have trouble being concise put your critical-listening skills into play and see if the speaker is using an economy of words. You should also take notes for reference later. As a consummate observer, you will always be in learning mode, therefore in a constant state of improvement.


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