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Engage Your Audience








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“From Fear to Success” Audiobook= Engage Your Audience


Engaging and connecting with your audience can be as easy as asking
questions. Rhetorical, closed-ended questions, such as “Have you
ever found yourself in a similar situation…?” will get the audience thinking
and heads potentially nodding. You can up the ante with more
thought-provoking questions, such as, “What if you found yourself with
one day left to live?” The audience instantly will start to relate by figuring
out what’s in it for them. It is imperative to find creative ways to make
the audience a part of the speech somehow by understanding how your
words relate to them. Asking thought-provoking open or closed-ended
questions allows the door to open to appeal to the audience wants and
needs, even when a direct audience response isn’t needed.
Conversely, you can interact with the audience by asking them
questions that need may require a reply. There is the obvious and often
overused question: “How’s everyone doing today?” Or you can ask
everyone to stand up and get involved somehow. All of these examples
avoid letting your audience be passive, and begins to make them a part
of the event. Be creative to engage your audience.



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